Jurassic World Dominion: Why has the Giganotosaurus caused controversy?

Jurassic World: Dominion showed his incredible prologue a few days ago, showing us the first minutes of the expected conclusion to the trilogy started by Colin Trevorrow in 2015. Telling us how dinosaurs conquer dry land and collide with human beings after their departure from Isla Nublar, the preview places special emphasis on a realistic recreation of these animals during the Cretaceous period, showing us some scientific advances in their recreation and translation to the screen by presenting them with feathers. But there is one element that is causing controversy among fans of the saga: the combat between the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Giganotosaurus.

A prologue that has an error that has caused much anger among the fandom

During your introduction, Jurassic World: Dominion shows us a very realistic prehistoric recreation, showing us the flora and fauna of the Cretaceous period in its day to day. We see a few saurpods, herds of ceratpsids, various terpods, and a good number of flying reptiles. It is the first time that the film saga ventures into the past in this way, and as we already told you in Vandal Random, is something to celebrate. In these minutes, the creatives have decided to raise the stakes by showing really terrifying and dangerous dinosaurs fighting one another, including a deadly confrontation between the aforementioned T. rex and the Giganotosaurus carolinii. The latter, as actor Sam Neill (Alan Grant) already confessed to us, to be the villain of the sequel.


But there is a problem. Yes OK the clash between these two colossal carnivores is spectacular, and allows us to observe the size of the animal with respect to T. rex, many amateurs, paleontologists and experts have pointed out an aspect that we already warned you in our analysis: the Giganotosaurus and the T.rex they never coincided or existed in the same era. Nothing happens, it is fiction, and in the juristic saga some scientific errors have always been made and omissions have been made in pursuit of the spectacle, the aesthetics or the narrative. The Giganotosaurus carolinii was a deadly predator, located at the top of the food pyramid in its habitat, that lived in the Cretaceous Cenomanian Since approximately 97 million years. His measurements are terrifying today, showing us a estimated length between 12 and 13 meters.

The animal did not match the T. rex and its appearance in the film is too aggressive


Therefore, taking into account that the prologue of Jurassic World: Dominion is located in the Upper Cretaceous, in which the Tyrannosaurus rex was the supreme king, this is a bulge error. This dangerous dinosaur lived between 65 and 85 million years, which means that the collision of these two animals never occurred. Then we can get into the interpretation of their appearance, far removed from the widely accepted scientific evidence about their appearance. Neither can we put on exquisite at this point in the movie, especially in a saga in which they have taken a series of highly controversial decisions in the past. You have to be aware that those responsible for the film have decided to include the Giganotosaurus as a huge threat to Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and his team, so showing the size and prowess of this creature against the T. rex answers obvious narrative and creative questions.

In any case, Jurassic World: Dominion will be released next June 10, 2022 giving us a unique look at these animals on the big screen.

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