Justice in Israel continues to be delayed: Defendants withdraw their defenders

Guanajuato, Gto. after the presentation identify witnessesthe trial of the second accused homicide Reporter Israel Vazquez Rangel, Postponed again until next Thursday, August 24.

This time, because Jose Luis “N” He dismissed his private defender and reassigned a public defender, who was awarded by a federal judge two working days Update on hearing status.

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public defender ask the judge for ten days Read investigative material and review past hearings; the prosecutor’s office argued that defenders had attended the interlocutory hearing and had access to the folder. at last, Judge grants two dayspointing out to the defender that he also has the option to seek advice.

This isn’t the first time the process has been delayed: At one point, the same public defender is now reassigned to Jose Luis Didn’t Reach Intermediate Audience, which allows the accused to decide to be represented personally. As a result, it is feared that the hearing may be canceled and the process will start over.

Last Tuesday 15 Augustthe hearing was aborted because the defendant stated that he had Gastroenteritis without lesions. The judge granted three business days.

However, the hearing continued on Monday Judge announces three-hour adjournment because the defense claimed The investigation folder is located in Celaya.

Three hours later, the defense has still not arrived at the hearing It was delayed for another two hours. Finally, the defense arrived at the hearing at 3:00 pm, arguing that there was not enough time, and filed an appeal. medical records A message from a lawyer for Jose Luis “N” indicated that she had been admitted to a clinic in Celaya. In the absence of his lawyer, Defendant waived his personal defense.

It should be remembered that it is November 2020Israel Vázquez was shot by bullets while doing his journalistic work in the 400 block of his villa in Salamanca.

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