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‘Justice’: Justin Bieber at 27, new album and one more step towards maturity | People

Defying the pandemic and just one year after its album Changes, released in 2020, Justin Bieber has released Justice, his sixth studio album. A job that has come almost by surprise a few days after the Canadian celebrated his 27th birthday. An age marked in red for any music star surrounded by controversy, since at the age of 27, icons of popular culture and rebellion such as Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix or already in this century Amy Winehouse died. Whether or not he resists comparison to such rock legends, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars of the last decade. He has been both loved and hated and success has alternated with personal problems. Displaces to the press and even to his fans, attacks, arrests, endless controversial episodes that have forged an image of an unstable boy heading for a tragic destiny.

However, Bieber decided to fight for a long career knowing that the only way to achieve it was emotional stability. His marriage to Hailey Baldwin has been crucial in this change, and since they married in 2019 the singer has declared that he is a better person “every day.” The other driver of this path to maturity has been the deep Christian faith that his wife also shares. All this has been reflected in Justice, an album with which he intends to provide “comfort so that people feel less alone”, at a time when “our planet suffers and humanity needs healing and justice”. The positivity of his messages has not, however, prevented the album from being greeted with a new controversy, specifically an accusation of plagiarism.

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Inside the bad, Justin Bieber has not been identified as a plagiarist of the melodies or lyrics of the songs of his new album, but to copy the typography of the French duo Justice. The logo of these references of electronic music is very similar to the one that appears on the cover of the Canadian album, of the same title. According to the magazine Rolling Stone, those allegedly affected have already taken legal action.

Far from being worried, Bieber has shown himself on social networks more happy than ever with the reception that the album has had in its early days by his legion of fans, with whom he claims to feel more united than ever. A process of reunion that began at the beginning of 2020 with the documentary series Seasons that he recorded for YouTube after years of rudeness to those beliebers that catapulted him to fame when he was only 15 years old. The son of a single mother with addiction and depression problems, in the documentary he acknowledged that he had also abused drugs at the age of 13, and that, like his mother, he struggled with depression and anxiety and faced thoughts suicidal. “I was young, like the rest of the people in the world who experiment, but I did it in front of the cameras and I had a different exposure. Besides, he had a lot of money, ”he explained.

The documentary was the definitive step towards the new Justin Bieber that he confirms today with his new album. In it, Baldwin is very present. Today they are happier than ever but they do not mind admitting that the beginnings were very complicated and that not every day is equally good. The interpreter of Baby Today she speaks of her marriage as “a challenging, an exciting process” in which they combine their lives and mix them up. The coronavirus pandemic has not hindered that challenge, but has helped them strengthen their relationship. Stephen Baldwin’s daughter says they have had a lot of time alone, like “a long vacation to spend together all the time.” Confinement has also served the singer to take advantage of the release of a new album on the market, to prioritize his family over his career. He is back at work and wanting to go on tour to reconnect with his fans, but “setting limits” on that next tour to continue being with his wife for as long as possible.

A traditional conception of marriage influenced by his religious convictions that contrasts with the image of a rebellious boy that he has always projected. Three years ago, at the time of getting engaged, he spoke on Instagram in these terms of his future wife: “I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity and let Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision. that we take. He who finds a good wife will find good and obtain favor from the Lord. “

A path that seems to have forever alienated the Justin Bieber who cleaned the floor with the Argentine flag, who told racist jokes on Twitter or who left in the middle of an interview in Madrid and just started a concert in Oslo. The one who punched a fan or was arrested for reckless driving. An example that shows that the fight between the upright married man and the wayward adolescent idol still continues have been his latest statements about his tattoos on an American radio station. Bieber claims that he promised himself not to get his hands tattooed. “I want to be able to put on a suit jacket and avoid showing the tattoos,” he revealed. A perfect metaphor for the new man who can never erase his rebellious past.

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