Justin Bieber can’t stop clutching his crotch after leaving a restaurant

Justin Beiber

breakfast turned out to be a real deal

…Hang on for dear life!!!

2023-06-24 4:19 PM PST

Justin Beiber Either he needs a harness, or maybe he needs to go to the bathroom… because the kid just couldn’t stop eating junk food this weekend after a small morning snack.

The singer had lunch with the missus on WeHo on Saturday, Hailey, and as they left… Justin was helpful, but, like, completely on his own. Check this out: The straight guy was somewhat clutching his crotch when they were walking around some cars in the parking lot.

Like we said, this wasn’t just a temporary fix or scratch that we all go through. In contrast, JB stayed for a short time… but why, nothing was said.

Here his pants look loose, so it’s possible he was just trying to pull them up, although keeping them in this specific area seems a bit ineffective… if that’s the case.

Sure, the thing that people sometimes do when they drool, they can do that… and badly. It may sound strange, but when nature calls… it’s certainly not out of the ordinary to take such a step. Considering how long Justin has been in this mode, it’s possible.

Whatever was touching him was attached to his manhood… let’s hope Pepsi finally gets it. As far as Hailey is concerned, our guess is to keep the pressure on her.

And if you miss once, Justin can take care of itself, it seems.

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