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Justin Bieber celebrates his 27th anniversary with the cutest photo of his life


03/02/2021 –

Justin Bieber was melancholic on his 27th birthday. The singer wanted celebrate that special day with a photograph of you as a baby. A snapshot never seen So what fill social networks with tenderness but above all to his loyal followers who did not hesitate to congratulate him on the day.

He uploaded an image of him as a baby on his instagram, an adorable close-up that has already had more than four million ‘likes’ since its publication. “Baby me 27 years ago”, write the singer at the bottom of which is probably one of his most moving images that we have seen.

His current life has nothing to do with the one he had long ago fruit of the success that came to him in abundance when he hatched into the world of music with the song ‘Baby’, 11 years ago, and became a worldwide mass idol.

I lived a stage – that of adolescence combined with success – where the alcohol, drugs and excesses they led him to be the protagonist of various polemics. But Justin Bieber seems to have settled down. Little is left of that millionaire boy who made and unmade as he pleased.

Bieber He is married to model Hailey Baldwin, who has become not only her lover but her friend and maximum support. The singer, in addition, has taken refuge in religion to cope in the best possible way with the depression that he has suffered for four years.

His new album: ‘Justice’

The singer also celebrates this anniversary with the release of his new album “Justice”, which will go on sale on Friday, March 19. His new album seeks that people feel accompanied and connected with each other.

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