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Justin Bieber, Fallon and his ‘Peaches’ with school instruments


Jimmy Fallon has been very busy lately with his total dedication and fanaticism to BTS, to which he dedicated an entire week of program, in addition to spectacular performances. But we can’t say that the Korean band has monopolized the presenter of The Tonight Show. With the permission of James Corden, a musical professional, few presenters like to mount a musical moment more than Jimmy Fallon.

Of all of them, however, the one that stands out the most is, in principle, the simplest. Acoustic performances with primary school instruments, the classroom instruments, are a megahit of the program. Justin Bieber, the young prodigy who has managed to survive and transcend his glittering teenage stardom, revived like a phoenix, has been the latest to join this long list that includes performances of Ed Sheeran, adele, Jonas Brothers, Idina Menzel and her Let’s is Go of Frozen, Ariana Grande, Ringo Starr, Sia, Metallica and many more.

The proposal is simple and has little to do with the original music video for Peaches, the Canadian pop star’s new hit along with Daniel Caesar and Giveon that, released last month, already surpasses 150 million views on Youtube.

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As always accompanied by The Roots, the usual band of the program, everything is based on playing the best possible song with only very simple instruments, of kind of first class music, such as the wooden xylophone, small flutes or even cardboards to cut or bend. This time, of course, the famous plan of the section is not repeated with everyone gathered in a small space. The pandemic has forced this, like everything else, to happen remotely. Instead we have a montage where the squares with the musicians end up being part of the rhythm of the song. Virality assured.

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