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Justin Bieber has a new Rolls-Royce and it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie

Four years ago Rolls-Royce presented the 103EX Vision 100, a prototype called to offer a future vision of flexible and sustainable mobility that the brand envisions in two or three decades. This design exercise not only caught the attention of the company’s fans, but also a celebrity from the world of music and music specialists. West Coast Customs, charged with creating a modern interpretation for Justin Bieber.

A unique car

The famous Canadian singer wanted to have a very special car and has achieved it through the reputed company located in California, which used Bieber’s Rolls-Royce Wraith to unleash his imagination and create a unique car in the world. The end result of the project is a vehicle that looks nothing like any model of the British brand and even looks like a creation designed for a science fiction movie because it sports a most striking aesthetic.

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Starting at the front, the luxury saloon sports brand-new headlight clusters and features a smaller front grille than a standard Wraith, as well as unique air intakes and a distinctive bonnet. However, when we look at this car in profile we get a big surprise as WCC has installed some very unique wheel arches and panels, with tires that are now fully covered with custom surfaces. In addition, the Californian firm took the trouble to remove the rear-view mirrors and replace them with small cameras.

The modifications made to the car continue at the rear and include a few triangular pilots and some new bumpers that integrate two trapezoidal exhaust outlets in their lower part. All this with flared hips and a rounded tailgate that seems to be the closest element to the original. At inside changes have also been made, although they are nothing remarkable compared to the extravagant exterior image that the vehicle exhibits.

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Hunted in the middle of the street

YouTube channel effspot has been in charge of meeting this peculiar car in the middle of a public road, parked next to a Tesla Model X. His astonishment is not surprising because a car with that aesthetic and its four hidden wheels would call our attention to anyone. We do not know what is hidden under the hood, but under the circumstances it is not surprising that the original propeller has been replaced by another.

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