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Justin Bieber has a unique Rolls-Royce

The combination of cars and famous actors, singers or artists has always been a source of news. Throughout history, the vehicle has wanted to represent that social status and what better way to do it than through very expensive models or, simply, unique cars, with which to differentiate itself from the rest. We have the perfect example with this futuristic Rolls-Royce of… Justin Bieber.

The story of this discovery has been almost by chance. Apparently, during a dinner in Santa Monica (Los Angeles), Justin Bieber came to the restaurant where he had stayed with his companions behind the wheel of a rather surprising Rolls-Royce.

As we pointed out at the beginning, the car chosen by the singer is unique. Only this unit exists in the world and, according to the Daily Mail, it was manufactured by the famous American trainer West Coast Customs.

It is a Rolls-Royce completely different from the production model and is inspired by the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 concept car, although its final appearance differs slightly from the design exercise on which it is based. In any case, you won’t deny that his image is shocking.

The body design, with all the wheel arches bodywork, achieves the optical effect of the vehicle ‘levitate’ on the asphalt. Of course, despite the futuristic lines of the body, it is clearly perceived that it is a Rolls-Royce.

The rear is no less impressive, both for size and for the elegance with which the pilots, the gate or the exhaust tails have been integrated. Some elements, the latter, that could be fictitious, since according to the Daily Mail, this car is 100% electric.

Justin Bieber's Rolls-Royce

As you well know, Rolls-Royce has yet to make a ‘green’ car, so we assume that Bieber’s car went through a preparer to replace the original V12 engine with a battery-powered electric powertrain.

Justin Bieber's Rolls-Royce

In this way, Bieber’s Rolls-Royce will remain unique, something that surely comforts the singer’s ego. Apparently, the Zero Emission models of the English luxury manufacturer are not planned in the short term, although the brand has already expressed its willingness to bet on electric technology.

fountain: Daily Mail

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