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Justin Bieber has the most amazing Vans of 2021 and they cost less than 90 euros

It is not very common that Justin Bieber tie a pair of sports that are affordable for the common of the mortals. We can count the examples on the fingers of one hand (and we would have plenty): some New Balance 997H and some Nike air max 90. Add ones to the equation Crocs, even if they are not slippers per se. For the rest, well of Yeezy, Air Jordan and Bottega Veneta, his latest obsession sneaker.

Well, we have another model to add to this short list. Justin Bieber has boasted of this particular specimen on his official Instagram profile when sharing images behind the scenes of the concert in acoustic on-line that he gave to celebrate the launch of Justice, his most recent album, which was released on March 19. Attention: they cost less than 100 euros. Even more attention: also less than 90. And if that weren’t enough, you don’t have to stick to getting a size. Hard to believe, but true.

We will give you a first clue: They are not Nike or Adidas, but a Van’s. But no, it is not about any of the star models of the fashion firm skater, like the SK8-Hi or the Old Skool. Although at first glance they look like these second ones, they are a more unpredictable pair, although no less amazing for that.

Drum roll, please? The Justin Bieber Vans in question are the Staple Bold In, a model that retains the original silhouette of the Vans Authentic but with the colors of the Old Skool and SK8-Hi. The best of both worlds, as a teenage television pop star we all know would say.

And why are they the most amazing of 2021? Well, the fact that Bieber has some shoes that we can all keep in our shoe rack it is a very decisive plus point. What’s more, its retro silhouette, so in vogue among the trends sneaker, advocates a timelessness thanks to which they will never go out of style. Buy them now, always wear them.

For its part, Justin Bieber’s Vans are also practical and versatile to rage. Thanks to their black and white color pairing, you can wear them with everything you have in your closet. TO a price of 85 euros, it is a delicious investment.

BUY Staple Bold NI sneakers, for € 85 at Vans.

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