Justin Bieber spends more than $1,000 at a marijuana store

While awaiting the arrival of 2022 to kick off the tour that has had to be paralyzed by the pandemic, Justin Bieber relaxes with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, traveling, dining out at fancy restaurants or shopping. The artist is making headlines for the establishment he recently visited in Los Angeles, a marijuana store where he spent no less than $1,000 in a matter of minutes.

In the United States there are states where the use and sale of marijuana for recreational and recreational purposes to people over the age of 21 is permitted, and California is one of them. In fact, star Miley Cyrus has been seen on several occasions going to cannabis establishments, as has Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter.

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On this occasion it was Justin Bieber who went to a store of this type and even though he was only inside for 20 minutes, he made a good purchase. The singer, who these days has also starred in a controversy for being seen yelling at his wife in Las Vegas, spent 1,000 euros on various products.

As reported by the portal Page Six, the 27-year-old artist chose peach-flavored edibles that contained high doses of marijuana. But not only that, but he wanted to take a sample of all the types of marijuana that were in the store at the time.

Justin Bieber confesses the darkest details of his past in an interview with GQ magazine.

Justin Bieber confesses the darkest details of his past in an interview with GQ magazine.

Instagram/Justin Bieber

The American media have spoken to the shopkeeper, who has commented that the artist was affable and accessible, despite being who he is, and that he asked him many questions about the raw material and the benefits of the components of each of the products he had.

It is striking to see Justin Bieber buying products made with cannabis considering that a few years ago he confessed his addiction to drugs, including marijuana, and how he had to go to rehab to disengage. The singer, who began consuming while still a child, admitted that he lost control and that security members of his team had to enter his room on several occasions to check if he was still alive.


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