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Justin Bieber spent more than a thousand dollars on cannabis marijuana products | THE UNIVERSAL

The paparazzi keep tracking the celebrities, and this time Justin Bieber wasn’t spared. The singer was spotted at a new cannabis – or marijuana – store called Wonderbrett located in Los Angeles, where he reportedly spent more than a thousand dollars on items.

The medium Page Six went to the place and asked the co-founder about the products that the Canadian took during his visit, to which he replied that the famous bought wonderbrett peach fruit puree OZ edibles and one of each variety that Wonderbrett sells: Pink Picasso, OZ Kush, Pineapple OG , Orange Sunset, Melon OG and more.

The merchant also added that the artist was very nice, was on site for 20 minutes where he asked a lot of questions, and finally spent on all those items “over a million dollars.”

“I was very interested in cannabis and how beneficial it is. She loves how stigma is changing. And he smokes joints!” said Brett Feldman, co-founder and breeder of Wonderbrett.

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In the past documentary series “Seasons,” Bieber talked about drug abuse, including the first time he used marijuana.

“The first time I smoked grass was in my backyard here, I took a lot of drugs,” Bieber said. “And then I realized that I really liked marijuana. That’s when my desire to smoke marijuana began, and then I started smoking marijuana for a while.”

Bieber’s relationship with marijuana became older when he began to have a dependency, and then he realized “that he had to stop” although at the time he considered that he did not believe that “it is bad” but that he happens “it can be a dependency.

I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I did was take pills, smoke a coop and start the day. It just got scary,” the singer said.

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