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Justin Bieber visits a prison to spread the word of God accompanied by Hailey Baldwin and her pastor

Justin Bieber has long since ceased to be the young rebel we all knew at the beginning of the last decade. The 27-year-old artist is much more focused, leading a quiet life with his wife Hailey Baldwin and focused on his music and Christian faith. In fact, his recent jail visit has a lot to do with it. The artist has gone to a California prison to help spread the word of God among the prisoners.

Justin Bieber takes his beliefs very seriously. In fact, if he is where he is, it is thanks to the help he has received from the Hillsong community, the church that served as his refuge until a few months ago. The artist left her when it was learned that his pastor and close friend, Carl Lentz, had been unfaithful to his wife.

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The Canadian has just surprised the public by visiting the California State Prison of LA County to chat with his inmates and help them take refuge in faith to better cope with the days Justin Bieber arrived in one of his brand new buses, escorted by other tinted vans , and passed the relevant security checks.

Inside the facilities, as can be seen in the photos that have been leaked, he can be seen meeting with a large group of prisoners in the prison yard. Sitting in a circle and wearing masks, they all participated in the Urban Ministry Institute seminar conducted by the administration.

Both Hailey Baldwin and the artist’s pastor accompanied him on this activity. In another of the published photos they can be seen in a room, sitting at a distance, in what appears to be a prayer session.

Justin Bieber also visited members of the rescue program’s Paws for Life K9 program, the first rehab program in a men’s jail to use dogs. They are trained by inmates to become rescue dogs for the army.

In addition to knowing what life is like in said jail and wanting to bring the word of God, Justin Bieber also chartered buses so that the families of the prisoners could visit them since the jail is located about 10 hours by car from downtown Los Angeles .

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