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Justin Bieber, yesterday and today

Justin Bieber has changed styles over the years, with each facet more interesting than the others. Here we explore them all.

Justin Bieber is not the same as he was before, and that’s a good thing. This young artist, who started his career long before he could even drink alcohol, has transformed over the years, exploring facets and musical styles that range from the most charming and lively pop to the most intimate and personal themes that we have seen. in current pop. This young man, who as a child taught himself guitar, trumpet, piano and drums, has become one of the greatest personalities in pop.

To understand Justin Bieber, yesterday and today, we have put together a playlist that collects the best of each of his facets. This is a journey through history, the career of one of the most influential voices in pop: starting with those songs from his first EP and his subsequent album, My world 2.0, which brought those great successes that made us know his youthful voice and style, such as Baby and U smile.

Justin Bieber, yesterday and today

From there we move on to the songs that began to give him his reputation as a “bad boy”, to turn him into an adult icon with songs full of rhythm and electronic sounds in the style of Sorry and What do you mean?. And now we have his more spiritual side, inspired by the voices of soul, with sounds like Holy and LonelySincere and powerful ballads that show us the most personal aspects of his life.

A review of a diverse track record, with many styles, sounds and themes… but consistently full of great music. This is the best of Justin Bieber!

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