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Justin Bieber’s Amazing New Modified Rolls-Royce

Unique, different, peculiar … we can think of many qualifiers to define the Amazing new modified Rolls-Royce from Justin Bieber. A car made especially for the singer who draws powerfully attention thanks to the work done by West Coast Customs. A California-based workshop that, we recall, achieved worldwide fame by collaborating with the television show Pimp My Ride broadcast on MTV.

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Looking at the cover photo, anyone would think that this vehicle is a prototype, as it appears to levitate a few inches above the ground. We refer to one of those cars designed to attract attention at events such as auto shows, where it is not easy to stand out from so much scoop. But nothing could be further from the truth: it is the Justin Bieber’s new modified Rolls-Royce And unlike the aforementioned concept vehicles, this one is fully functional and can legally circulate on public roads.

Justin Bieber’s new Rolls-Royce

This striking car is developed from nothing less than a Rolls-Royce Wraith (test). Yes, the gigantic coupe of the British firm that we remember that in Spain has a starting price of about 340,000 euros. This already exclusive model serves as the basis for this West Coast Customs preparation with which it has acquired a most futuristic image. So much so that we are sure that this creation would not be out of place at all if it appeared in a science fiction movie …

What’s more, according to the limited information about the vehicle that is available, the guys at West Coast Customs would have replaced the original engine (a 6.6 V12 biturbo petrol with 632 hp) by a 100% electric drive system. Of course, we cannot confirm this statement either, which also collides head-on with the presence of clearly visible exhaust outlets in the rear that, if it is true that it is electric, would have no function beyond the ornamental.

Be that as it may, the Amazing new modified Rolls-Royce from Justin Bieber was ‘hunted’ this past weekend by numerous paparazzi when the singer and his wife visited the streets of Santa Monica, California (USA). There was also the youtuber Effspot, who was in charge of capturing all the details of this striking car on video.

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