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Justin Bieber’s tears when he saw his new car

Justin Bieber fans know his passion for high-end cars. In fact, the singer owns a wide collection of luxury vehicles, including a Cadillac Escalade, a Lamborghini Aventador or a Mercedes Benz G Wagon. The artist has just added a new one, a customized Rolls Royce that has taken more than three years to be made and that caused him to cry as soon as he saw it.

And is that high-end vehicles are a real passion for Justin Bieber who from a very young age has known what it is to be at the wheel of such great cars. His early fame meant that he could amass a fortune while still a teenager, with which he has been able to cope with the payment of these types of cars that, for any ordinary citizen, are just a dream.

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Justin Bieber tends to customize the cars he acquires not only to mold them to his liking but to make them unique in the world. And the Rolls Royce you just bought was not going to be an exception.

It is the model inspired by the design of the Rolls Royce 103 ex in a matt gray color that at first glance could be the vehicle of Batman or any comic book superhero. Not surprisingly, Justin Bieber wanted it to have a futuristic look and that is why he has waited up to three years to get his hands on it.

Justin Bieber's new Rolls Royce

Justin Bieber’s new Rolls Royce


Last Friday, Justin Bieber saw the creature for the first time and his reaction was one of utter shock. The artist threw his hands to his head as soon as it was uncovered, thus showing his admiration for the creation carried out by the West Coast Customs team, famous for their customizations on the MTV program Pimp My Ride.

The artist was left speechless and only managed to articulate expressions such as “My God” or “What?” by way of surprise. In fact, Justin Bieber’s emotion was such that he couldn’t help but get emotional and cry.

Justin Bieber seeing his new car

Justin Bieber seeing his new car


The author of the customization was on the verge of crying over the compliments. “You are going to make me cry,” he told the singer that, at 26, he has been able to add a new collector’s item to his collection of vintage cars. luxury.

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