Justin Timberlake romantic poet for Jessica Biel’s 41 years

“I’m really lucky that you have chosen to embark on this thing called life with me,” wrote the singer and actor in a post full of romance for his wife’s 41 years

THEn these days Jessica Biel she is one of the most envied women on the planet. The American actress has just celebrated 41 yearsan anniversary made special by the man at his side for 16 years: Justin Timberlake. The former Nsync never misses an opportunity to share all your love for your wife and what better occasion than a birthday for a nice dedication? The pop star has published a series of images on her profile to celebrate the woman she loves, some alone and others in which the couple share moments of life together

For his wife, Justin Timberlake uses very sweet words: «Let me tell you about this human being… She is the toughest, cutest, most beautiful dream companion I could ever wish for. And today is his birthday! I’m so glad you were born my love and i’m really lucky that you have chosen to embark on this thing called life with me. You are aging like a fine wine! I love you to death,” wrote the pop star. She honeyed words, with a string of compliments that would make anyone’s heart melt

Jessica Biel’s response was not long in coming. The actress has also published some pictures of her with Justin Timberlake. In one of these she appears in the foreground a large ring, positioned right next to faith. “Birthday vibes so bright I had to see them with my third eye. Thanks for all the well wishes!” she wrote referring to her “strange” glasses. But many have pointed out to her that the “third eye” seems to be her ring. Who knows if this wasn’t her Justin’s birthday present

Their love is booming, despite the rumors that they would like to join each other often crisis. In November 2019, Timberlake was “pinched” hand in hand in New Orleans with the actress Alisha Wainwrightwith whom he was shooting the film Palmer. Much more than friendly attitude, definitely rude. It is no coincidence that the singer and actor himself publicly apologized with a social letter: «I apologize to my incredible wife and with my family for putting them in such an embarrassing situation, and I pledge to be the best husband and father I can be.” An “escapade” which, evidently, Jessica Biel must have forgiven. And since then Justin Timberlake never ceases to remember how much he is in love with his wife


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