Justin Timberlake’s dedication for his wife Jessica Biel’s birthday: I’m so lucky

Jessica Biel turns 41 and Justin Timberlake never misses an opportunity to give his wife a beautiful birthday dedication on social media.

Jessica Biel turns 41. The American actress celebrates her birthday with her husband Justin Timberlake who, in fact, took the opportunity to make her one beautiful dedication publishing their shots side by side with photos that portray his wife in various moments lived side by side. The singer also seems to have given her a truly unforgettable gift.

Justin Timberlake dedication

Although there have been rumors of crisis, since the first moments of their love story, it seems that the marriage between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel is booming. The singer is more and more in love with her better half and he also demonstrates it in writing her a short message to celebrate her birthday, where he does not repress himself in terms of compliments and declarations which, without a doubt, will make the actress more than happy. The pop star, in fact, writes:

Let me tell you about this human…she is the baddest, cutest, most beautiful DREAM partner I could ever wish for. And today is her birthday! I’m so glad you were born my love And, I’m so lucky you chose to embark on this thing called life with me. You are aging like a fine wine!!!! Love you to death. —Huz

The ring worn by Jessica Biel

Meanwhile, the birthday girl on her Instagram profile publishes some photos in which she appears together with her husband and from which a ring, rather bright and of a certain shape, which appears on the ring finger, right next to the faith, is clearly evident. Biel writes as a caption of the shots: “Birthday vibes so bright I had to see them with my third eye. Thanks for all the well wishes!“. Someone comments ironically on the ring and writing: “But your third eye is on your finger“, underlining the size of the jewel. It is assumed, therefore, that the one worn is a nice birthday present given to her by the singer and which, at least as it seems from the photos, seems to have been particularly appreciated.

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