Justin Verlander broke the internet with a video of Kate Upton training


The suspension of the sport for the situation of coronavirus has shown the most human and real of all the athletes, especially the baseball players of the Big Leagues.

Without much to do more than be at home and train in confined spaces, several players have taken a look at your daily routine through social networks to get closer to his fans.

This was the case Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros current CY Young of the American League and one of the pitchers most dominant of the last decade.

And is that, the former ace of the Detroit Tigers he began recording with his wife Kate Upton and his sister Christie doing a workout routine in vivo.

Needless to say, the thousands of followers of Verlander were to take a look at the stunning actress with whom she shares a home and who also always seems to accompany him to all the sporting events.

Verlander and company will have more work than anyone once we return to the action of Major League Baseball, as the players the Astros will visit environments very hostile after it was discovered that they cheated for years to win the World Series.

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