Juventud Antoniana plays it with the debut of Martos and a complicated visit

January 8, 2022 – 01:13
The saint visits Unión del Norte in the northeast of Tucumán from 17, in the first leg of the play offs. With a new DT on the substitute bench, he will go down the first of four steps towards the long-awaited promotion.

Juventud Antoniana is obliged to turn the page as soon as possible and leave behind convulsed weeks in a farewell to the year and the start of 2022 full of internal conflicts, after the traumatic departure of the former coach Alberto Boggio, after an internal conflict within the squad with the physical trainer Víctor Cuellar, which originated after differences of criteria in relation to the physical state of the footballers.

This turbulence inside the squad, which contrasts with the optimal football results, led to the departure of Boggio and the leadership quickly focusing on his replacement, and thus chose Martín Martos, who took over as coach ten days ago , time in which he worried about impregnating his imprint on the footballers and shaping a team to go out on the field this afternoon, in his official debut as antoniano technical director, at the start of a decisive instance of the Regional Amateur tournament.

The saint, with the baptism by the points of his brand new DT, will visit Unión del Norte de Burruyacú today, in the northeast of the province of Tucumán, a meeting that will start at 5:00 p.m. and will be arbitrated by Matías Billione from Cordoba.

The saint will go out to play today the second qualifying round of the Amateur Regional knowing that he will have to overcome four obstacles (round trip) if he intends to specify his mandatory objective, that of returning to the Federal A tournament. And the search will be raised in obtaining a good This resulted in a difficult and complex Tucuman, to take on the rematch next weekend in Salta with a good outlook.

In relation to those who come from thrashing Normal Rosarino, even with Boggio as DT, Martos will have a forced modification due to the departure of Hernán Hechalar (with a contracture). Carlos Churquina would enter his replacement.

The campus traveled yesterday afternoon to the neighboring province.

Hard visit to the village

The other representative of the Salta capital that is still alive in the Regional Amateur tournament is San Antonio, who will also have a hard visit to Tucumán soil for the first leg of the second phase of the federal contest.

The Villa will face Bella Vista tomorrow, at 5:00 p.m., in the department of Leales, in Tucumán, and with the arbitration of Gustavo Aguirre from Rioja.

The North Zone will also have these crossings: Sportivo Alberdi -Gimnasia y Tiro de Orán (tomorrow at 5.30 pm in Ledesma); and the long-awaited Jujuy duel between Altos Hornos Zapla and Talleres de Perico, at the Emilio Fabrizzi stadium in Palpalá, under the tutelage of Judge Walter Cardozo, at 8:00 am.

It should be remembered that the winner of the crossing between San Antonio and Bella Vista throughout the 180 minutes of play will face in the second elimination phase the winner of the lawsuit between Juventud Antoniana and Unión del Norte de Burruyacú.


P. Lucena G. Backe
Father Krupoviesa J. Calderón
S. Álvarez W. Juárez
N. Verón N. Aguirre
F. Flores J. Velazco
R. Galván C. Churquina
C. Cisneros F. Guanca
F. Quiroga J. Acosta
M. Galván G. Mbombaj
R. Serrano E. Vargas
M. Verón A. Vallejos

DT: M. Galván DT: M. Martos

Stadium: Pedro Fagalde (Burruyacú, Tucumán)
Referee: Matías Billione
Start time: 17

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