JW Anderson Introduces Cushion Bag

J. W. Anderson known for his unique and unusual creations: these are projects that refer to the elements of everyday life, reinterpreted in a stylistic way that is as playful as it is interesting.

Just think of the introduction in recent months of the much-discussed Pigeon Clutch bag, which first appeared at the Fall/Winter 22 show and comes in a gray colorway that recalls the shape and anatomical components in every way. pigeonincluding beak, legs and plumage.

Based on the same basic idea, which is to transform the shape of some living beings and some frequently used items into fashion items, the brand has launched a brand new “Soft clutch”.

The bag in question made its debut during the SS23 presentation held on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, where models paraded with a mannequin. plastic pillow like they were getting ready for a sleepover party at a style show. The feathered polyester interior matches the pillow concept, while “KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE” appears next to the JW Anderson logo.

The bag, available on the JW Anderson website in two sizes, can be purchased for 550 euros.

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