Kagelmacher and Báez have the endorsement of Kily

The Uruguayan defender (33 years old) and the Paraguayan defender (31) are interesting options, since they passed the filter of the technical secretariat, which works side by side with the technical staff commanded by the rogue coach.

January 14, 2022 · 11:55 p.m.

As timely reported in the pages of Ovation, Central’s leadership is working on the possibility of incorporating defenders Gary Kagelmacher (33 years old) and Cristian Báez (31 years old). The first plays in Peñarol and the second in Libertad de Paraguay.

After the farce that was seen with the frustrated arrival of Joaquín Novillo due to the refusal of Kily González, the rogue leaders together with the sports director Raúl Gordillo did not remain with their arms crossed and reactivated other negotiations. One of them is for Kagelmacher and the other for Báez, the name that appeared surprisingly the same day that Novillo fell. Báez’s chance came from the hand of representative Marcelo “Bocha” Valeri, the same one that brought the goalkeeper Gaspar Servio, and that has links with the soccer businessman Cristian Bragarnik. Valeri offered it to him, like so many other players, to Kily, and then the player became part of the reports of Agustín Anastasi, the member of the Central technical secretariat who is extremely trusted by the DT and his assistant Ricardo De Alberto. Due to this good harmony, the Paraguayan now positioned himself as a probable option to reinforce the rogue defense. That is why it is to be hoped that Cristian Báez’s chance can prosper since he has the endorsement of Kily and De Alberto. It is a situation diametrically opposed to what happened with Novillo. The defender from Belgrano did not pass the filter first Anastasi, and then Kily and his assistant. In this it is necessary to clarify that every player who came to Central always had the approval of the technical secretariat, which works side by side with the technical staff.


The name of Kagelmacher also enjoys the approval of the technical secretariat and the coaching staff. He is a very interesting defender, although negotiations are very difficult when it comes to closing them. At that point, The task that sports director Raúl Gordillo is carrying out is titanic because he seeks by all means to negotiate to bring reinforcements with a limited wallet.

As soon as the experienced Uruguayan defender appeared in the folder, the Central leadership got down to work to try to get a one-year loan. A mission that is proving complex due to the amounts that are handled. Kagelmacher is one of the figures of Peñarol, team with which he has to play the Libertadores ahead. Likewise, when they communicated with the people who manage the Uruguayan, they did not hear a resounding no on the other side of the line. Hence, the negotiations continue their course, although they are neither advanced nor fallen. Perhaps the Báez thing will not find so many obstacles along the way because it comes recommended by Bocha Valeri, who in this market managed to close with the Central leadership the incorporation of the goalkeeper Gaspar Servio, at the express request of Kily and the technical secretariat, despite the fact that he arrived preceded by some sporting misconduct.

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