Kaia Gerber and Gigi Hadid, among celebrities celebrating Karl Lagerfeld


The models were among the celebrities and friends that tunearon white shirts in honor of Karl Lagerfeld. The project “a Tribute To Karl: The White Shirt Project” honors the memory of the designer and presented at Paris.

Kaia Gerber, puts his signature to the project “a Tribute To Karl”. Photo: IG @KarlLegerfeld

Few better ways to celebrate the life and work of a designer honor him with what you liked most. Thus was born the idea of “A Tribute to Karl: The White Shirt Project” the project friends, celebrities and colleagues who wanted most to Karl Lagerfeld participated reinterpreting a white shirt. A way to honor him.

One-to-one VIPs as Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne, Diane Kruger customizaron their own piece. THE garment’s iconic and most loved by the designer.

The white shirt, garment fetish of the Kaiser, the protagonist of an exhibit. IG: @KarlLagerfeld.

Honor the life

“If I preguntás that I would have liked to invent in fashion. I would say that the white shirt”, he stated any time the designer. Himself that he knew how to make her ‘uniform‘ along with his dark glasses and his mane platinum arranged in a tail.

The presentation met all his friends and loved ones. Photo: IG @KarlLagerfeld

The presentation of this show (which also marks the start of the sale of the limited edition of 7 pieces tuneadaswith 77 copies each and 777 euros by different celebrities) was organized at the maison ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ by his collaborator and friend Carine Roitfeld in the Fashion week Paris. The pieces will make your tour around its various stores around the world.

The better memory. Photo: IG: @KarlLagerfeld.

It was the must-attend event for those who respected him and wanted to, a farewell to all the luxury with guests as Olivia Palermo, Karlie Kloss, Sebastien Jondeau and the very Anna Wintour.

The sample in Karl Legerfeld Paris. Photo: IG @KarlLagerfeld

In addition to Kaia and Gigi, among those who customizaron the white shirt they both liked to Karl (each with his style) include: the artist Tiffany Cooper, Lou Doillon, Eva Herzigovto her, the actress Helen Mirrenthe pilot Lewis Hamilton, Winnie Harlow, Xu Jing, Soo Joo Park, Amber Vallettathe designer Alessandro Michelethe footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and they say that until the famous cat of the designer: Choupette.

Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of Karl Legerfeld and Anna Wintor, in the presentation of the sample. IG: @KarlLagerfeld.