Kaia Gerber Has a New Golden Blonde Haircut: Here Are the Photos

kaia gerber is blonde, The news, revealed directly through a story posted by the model on her Instagram profile, comes just in time to welcome the summer solstice, which has already been confirmed. hottest hair colors of the season, In the photo shared by the 21-year-old, the face is seen set in long blonde layers that descend beyond the chin and join the layering of 90s-style “C” cuts, while the @colorbymattrez tag is clearly visible on the shoulder. is visible from , As most observant followers will have noticed, the profile mentioned in Kaia’s story is exactly the one that refers to the hairstylist responsible for the new balayage recently worn by Kendall Jenner.

kaia gerber news photo summer 2023 new blonde haircut


Same colorist, same color: both models have really opted for a change of look in the name of warm and golden reflections, just like those given by the sun during the most beautiful and awaited hour of the summer day, the golden hour Is.

Kaia Gerber’s New Golden Blonde Tells Us About a Summer That Won’t End

Of a fair complexion that shows warm reflections like honey Kaia Gerber’s new haircut Skip the Dark Roots to Make Up all in Looking forward to summer 2023.

kaia gerber news photo summer 2023 new blonde haircut


To round off and perfect the color to its olive hue, sombre, a lighter shade, takes care of it, which of course results in lighter tips., However, at the base, thin golden filigree is visible from the locks, which, combined with a pigment close to its natural color, give a three-dimensional effect that is mesmerizing at first glance. Great for those with fine hair because it allows volume to be achieved by creating a subtle shade at the hairline, Cindy Crawford’s daughter’s Golden Hour Blonde – which she seems to resemble more and more as she gets older – suits every skin tone. can be adapted to suit a including mix of sand colors, To get the best for yourself, the advice is to rely on expert hands who really know how to make the most of everyone’s color as well as the cut and general condition of the hair. If you already have light hair, like Kaia had before changing her look, the transformation will definitely be easier to make, whereas if your hair is particularly dark or damaged, achieving a golden blonde can be more complicated. . In this case, it is necessary, in fact, to proceed step by step and, if your hair is brittle, to do a restructuring treatment, to repeat the new one. Golden hour blonde is on trend for summer,

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