Kailani melts the networks by calling Alessandra Rosaldo “grandmother”

Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann’s daughter stole the hearts of fans on Instagram

If there is something that keeps Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann together, it is the love they share for their daughter, little Kailani. But they are not the only members of the Derbez family who are maddened by their offspring.

Both her uncles, Vadhir and José Eduardo, as well as her grandparents Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldotake advantage of every moment in the baby’s short life to live with her and experience all those “achievements” that the girl has.

And these situations are usually evidenced on social networks, especially on Instagramwhere the Derbez dynasty portrays the most tender and loving postcards not only of little Kailani but also of the nice Aitana.

A few days ago, Alessandra and Aislinn shared a moment that will remain etched in the minds of the loving family of Mauricio Ochmann’s also daughter. Kai was living with the daughter of the person who plays “Ludovico Peluche”.

Jumping on a trampoline, under the supervision of their mothers, Kailani and Aitana were having fun when Vadhir’s little niece took a break from playing with her little aunt, to ask Alessandra for a favor and say “take grandma”, with her tender and light baby voice.

The singer and former member of Sentidos Opuestos had only to smile and be moved by such a beautiful moment, answering “oh, thank you, love”, a situation that also caught the attention of her mother, Aislinn.

Either by Kailani or by Aitana, any member of Eugenio Derbez’s family cannot help but melt at the occurrences that the smallest of the house has.



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