Kane West, rapper from Florence. To record a new album

Kanye West is recording his eleventh solo album in Florence. To be honest, it seems like the entire month of August, the Four Seasons Hotel was the epicenter of global hip-hop, and no one really understood what was going on. luxury facility Borgo Pinty, according to direct and indirect reconstructions (images published on social networks), organized a whole wing for a staff of American rappers who gathered in Italy for a kind of secret happening, “which is also associated with inspiration and the ability to create without worry,” explains one of the employees headquarters of one of the rappers. In a conversation with Corriere Fiorentino, the famous hotel’s staff explained that they “cannot disclose any confidential information regarding their potential guests” and that among their “basic policies” there is a guarantee of confidentiality.

West between Florence and Prato

The name of the famous American rapper and producer, who in recent years has also embarked on a career in fashion (his shoe brand Yeezy, one of the most beloved thanks to collaborations with Adidas, Nike and Louis Vuitton), attracts the most attention. Many of his appearances in recent days – a month ago in Prato, in the last days at a Travis Scott concert in Rome, many times in recent weeks in Florence with his wife – now take on complete meaning.

Career and controversial public events

Kanye West’s impressive music career is now less and less talked about, partly because of the statements that he, now calling himself Yeh, associated with his bizarre antics on Twitter (the social network was still called that at the time). Anti-Semitic remarksrun for personal candidacy for the presidency of the United States, various excesses. All the actions that led to his exclusion from the social network and his recent readmission – like Donald Trump – under the auspices of Elon Musk.
The fact is that West chose Italy and then Florence for his long-awaited return to the recording of the studio album, which was supposed to be done mostly last month. The hotel has been hosting Ty Dolla Sign for weeks now, a rapper who is certainly not as famous as his controversial colleague, who is in any case collaborating with the world’s biggest artists in the sector. There has been a lively movement of DJs and music industry insiders around the building for several days now.
After the dissolution of the marriage (celebrated right in Forte Belvedere di Firene, 10 years ago) with a reality TV star Kim KardashianThe rapper secretly married American designer Bianca Censori, who was seen several times with him in the city center: the images of both did not go unnoticed: they were caught walking barefoot several times. West is one of the best-selling digital artists in the history of music and the third biggest digital artist in the 2000s. Six of his albums are included in the updated 2020 list of i. top five hundred albums according to Rolling Stone magazine. The same publication listed him as one of the top 100 songwriters of all time. During his career, he has received a total of 24 Grammy Awards and 75 nominations, bringing him alongside Jay Z the most awarded rapper in the history of the event

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