Kangaroo poison can also harm children

Last Thursday, August 3neighbor Urbanization of El Guijo be found There are bags of rat poison in the feline population in your area.They were concerned, alerting authorities and Galapaga City Council of what could happen Attempt to poison cat They take care of each day.

For its part, the Presbyterian Church warned in a statement that “Child population faces serious public health problems“These bags of poison that are scattered all over urbanized green spaces mean something because they are so accessible, small children can touch them and even put them in their mouths.

cat group, One of 80 churches in Galapaga, which is being looked after by a volunteer association, which has asked neighbors to cooperate in “monitoring the area in case this happens again”.Of all existing colonies, only 19 people have designated caregivers.

A detachment from the city police received bags of rat poison and dealt with complaints, although The investigation into the incident is being carried out by the National Guard.

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The Ministry of Public Health recalls that poisoning felines constitutes, in addition to being a criminal offence, an offense under Articles 336 and 337 of the Penal Code. Risk to Public Safety and Public Health.

Public Health Congressman Carmen Gonzalez warned that “this poison can kill cats or other animals It can also cause poisoning, injury or even death in children or adults.“. So far, no feline deaths have been reported.

other poisoning

The incident in Galapaga was not the only one in recent weeks. Dog poisonings were reported in two parks in Madrid last month, One in Ciudad Lineal and the other in El Cañaveral (Vicálvaro).These crimes involve In addition to the deaths of four dogsIn addition, some had to be treated at veterinary clinics for gastroenteritis and vomiting blood.

Faced with this situation, the neighbors raised warning sign Alert owners at affected parks that they keep an eye out for new moves.

The last event that happened was Calero Parklie in Near Concepcion, Madridwithin the jurisdiction linear city.at least in this green Two dogs die after eating suspected infected feed scattered around park.

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