Kanye West and Bianca Censors disqualified for indecent behavior at a boat rental company

Bandits for life. Kanye West and his partner Bianca Censors will no longer be able to use the motor boats of the Venetian rental company after causing a scandal – in the light of the sun – on grand canal. The couple were caught in obscene positions on board the boat: the American rapper-designer was with his pants down and buttocks exposed, and the woman was leaning on his knees. All this is before the eyes (and lenses) of thousands of tourists who came to the lagoon for the Venice Film Festival.

offensive video

“Offensive” photos and videos, in particular from the site Whoopsee.it, quickly spread across the network. Venice Tourism Motorboatsthe company that chartered the boat for the two spoke exclusively to Daily Mail Australiaconfirming that the couple are “no longer welcome” aboard their ships.

Nobody has seen

In a statement, the company denounced the couple’s lewd acts but confirmed it was “totally unaware” of what happened on the boat until the photos were made public.

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Press release

“The driver who was on board had to follow the traffic and did not see these obscene expressions. If this happened, he would immediately go out and report the offenders to the relevant authorities,” the message says.

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