Kanye West and his new girlfriend Bianca Censori in Florence, nude view shocks the townspeople

Holidays Kanye West and a new friend Bianca Censors they keep making news. The couple have been in Florence since the beginning of the month and immediately attracted attention with the outfits chosen by the designer.

Upon arrival in Italy, Bianca paraded first resolutely provocative bikini and then a tight-fitting white jumpsuit that leaves very little to the imagination. Photos of the paparazzi immediately scattered around the world, and the tabloids began to follow their vacation, publishing various articles.

The Daily Mail, for example, is very passionate about being in our country and publishes new news almost every day. The English tabloid reported on the plethora of negative comments collected online, from both Italians and foreigners, and wrote that many were asking local authorities to take action.

We don’t know if what the Daily Mail wrote is true or not. At the moment, no Italian, national or local newspaper has written about the couple. In the past few hours, Bianca Censori has once again become the paparazzi around town in an even bolder nude suit. According to some, this is a new provocation in response to the many criticisms he receives. Will it really be so? The only certainty is that Kanye and Bianca will be talked about for a long time to come.

Photo: Instagram/LaPresse

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