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Kanye West confesses his infidelity to Kim Kardashian

After having four children together and seven years of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West They ended their relationship in February because they had very difficult months due to the rapper’s psychological illness, who suffers from bipolarity. Although both try to maintain a friendship after the divorce, she has even congratulated him on his birthday, the truth is that the influencer revealed in the penultimate episode of reality Keeping Up With The Kardashian the real reasons why they had decided to separate. Now the singer, who has always been involved in rumors of infidelity, has confessed that he had a affair with Christina Milian, with whom he toured in 2004 and with whom he collaborated four years later on the subject Diamond. “He revealed his affair with the fellow singer in an outburst he gave him during his Saint Pablo Tour in 2016. The conversation was witnessed only by members of his team, but he also admitted that he slept with some groupies behind Kim’s back“A source close to the rapper has told The Sun.


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The rapper, in addition, would have made some confessions in which he bragged and said how much fun he had with Christina, who is now 39 years old, although the meetings were very brief after a night of partying in a club. “He did not go into details about when and where he was. It seemed like everything had happened in the past and he just wanted to reveal his secrets, he was going really crazy“The source has continued to explain to the aforementioned media. And despite the fact that the singer recounted all these surprising appointments with other women, the truth is that his team was not surprised at all because everyone thinks that”it’s just kanye being kanye“.

The also actress, with whom he was photographed on numerous occasions since the early 2000s, has not yet commented on these encounters, and the source has assured that at least the comments that the rapper made about her always praised her. “No one knows if Kim knows that they were together, but it is clear that they were very close for years and collaborated on the job.“He concluded. A few days ago the rapper has released his new album, Donda, titled in honor of his mother, in which he had already hinted that he had cheated on Kardashian.

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