“Kanye West, ex-Kardashian and his wife involved in scandal in Venice”

Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Censori caused a scandal in Venice and Florence. The couple attracted the attention of the public with their provocative performances.

While on a gondola ride in Venice, Bianca was seen naked, causing shock among onlookers. The situation did not improve when reports surfaced of apparent intimacy between the pair while they were still in the gondola. Because of this behavior, they were banned from using the famous Venetian boats for the rest of their lives.

In Florence, Kanye and Bianca continued to provoke, this time with their eccentric clothing style. Kanye was dressed entirely in black, while Bianca initially appeared naked except for a pair of heels. However, closer observation reveals that she was wearing very small pants and a top that was the same color as her skin.

All this has caused outrage among local residents, who regard the couple’s behavior as disrespect for the cities in which they are located. Some citizens called the police, and the couple is now being investigated for “indecent acts in a public place.”

Bianca’s friends are worried about her well-being, fearing that Kanye wants to turn her into a more “radical” version of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. A close friend of Bianca said she has difficulty getting close to her partner and feels lonely, which scares her friends.

Since Kanye split from Kim in early 2021, he has made headlines with anti-Semitic statements, hate speech and conspiracy theories that have sparked outrage around the world.

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