Kanye West faces trial for turning his villa into a bomb shelter

The rapper is being sued after firing the man responsible for renovating his Malibu home. All the details of a strange project.

Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West he simply cannot stay away from problems. After a divorce from Adidas and the Venetian scandal in which he and his wife were involved Bianca CensorsNow it looks like the rapper is being sued. Tony Saxon, the former project manager for the $57 million renovation of his Malibu home. The reason could be the dismissal due to doubts of the project manager regarding the plan conceived by the singer, who wanted to turn the building into a kind of bomb shelter of the 1910s. According to the international press, Saxon would have “expressed concern about the extreme danger of such actions“.

Kanye West at the Kenzo fall/winter 2022-23 show in Paris

Kanye West at the Kenzo fall/winter 2022-23 show in Paris

Kanye West project

Oddities Yes there is, of course, nothing new in them. The rapper’s plans Donda it seems the marble bathrooms and all the walls had to be torn down, the windows, plumbing and electrical removed, and finally the stairs replaced with slides. West also proposed bringing large generators to the mansion, which Saxon opposed, concerned about the risk of fire. “All he needed were plants, candles, and battery-powered lanterns. He wanted everything open and dark“, said the project manager, adding that one of the singer’s misconceptions was that he was not “tracked by the government and hidden from Clinton and come on Kardashian“.

Complaint and accusations

According to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Saxon was hired in September 2021 and worked 16 hours a day at a beach house designed by Tadao Ando. The manager was fired in November 2021 after threats from the musician, who said: “If you don’t do what I say, you won’t work for me, I won’t be your friend anymore, and you’ll only see me on TV.“The allegations include failure to pay for work performed, as he received compensation for only one week. The lawsuit also mentions the hours of work required by Saxon, who, in addition to 16 a day, also took on the role of caretaker and security guard 24 hours a day.”sleeps on the floor while coordinating renovations, using his coat as a makeshift sheet“.

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