Kanye West in Berlin: queue for kebab and triumph of memes

Kanye West

If you’ve ever tried to jump the line in Berlin and it didn’t work out, you’re in great company: the trick didn’t even work. Kanye West, this Thursday. Because the Germans take queues extremely seriously, especially in front of the population’s most beloved monuments, such as Mustafa kebab.

And it’s not that Ye didn’t know he was in front of a World Heritage site: this is evidenced by the fact that he stood in line anyway with his companion Bianca Censori, despite the humiliation of being denied the opportunity to pass in front of other patrons.

Kanye West asks to skip the line, they say no

The rapper sent one of his bodyguards to confer with the current managers of the food truck – the first “Mustafa” sold the business many years ago, but this truck Kreuzberg has remained an unshakable institution of the Berlin culinary scene. When asked to allow the American rapper to stand in line, the owners categorically refused, and despite the fact that Kanye was not known for his patient and reasonable character, the couple calmly stood in line.

To avoid being recognized, Ye covered his head and face completely, turning into a sort of medieval folk character and failing in his attempt to remain undetected. The photos began to circulate on Twitter, to the delight of all the managers of Berlin meme pages.

It must also be said that, given his statements last year, it is not surprising that West prefers not to show his face when in Germany.

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Store managers, in addition to confirming to the press that they had not missed the American superstar, also shared with the public vital information regarding E and Censori’s order: four kebabs, one of which without onions.

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