After posting a photo of a “Vogue” editor named Gabriella Carafa-Johnson to mock her, Kanye West can now be sued by a photographer for using the editor’s photo without consent or credit. Can take back whoever worked on the shot.

Gabriella Carafa-Johnsonum, in particular, months ago defined the “White Lives Matter” T-shirt worn by the rapper as “dangerous” and “irresponsible” and that, for its part, editor’s image failed to reiterate how she was not “a fashionable person” and therefore, in essence, could not refer to her style.

According to legal documents obtained by “TMZ,” however, it now appears that the photo in question was taken by professional photographer Michaela Afford, who she claims did not give the rapper permission to reuse it. Ā«Michaela says she took Gabriella’s photo in September and notes Kanye used the photo on his social media about 1 week later without her permissionĀ» reads the portal, which also details how, According to the photographer, Kanye “may have harmed his ability to make money with the snapshot” and, for this reason, he is now asking Kanye to pay damages.

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