Kareem Abdul-Jabbar picks best point guard in history: Neither Magic Johnson nor Stephen Curry

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s decision to change his original opinion in favor of Oscar Robertson over Magic Johnson puts an end to the eternal debate over who is the greatest point guard of all time in the NBA The conversation took a surprising turn. This unusual change in Abdul-Jabbar’s opinion has left many basketball fans surprised and curious as to why he was drafted.

The controversy began when reporter Justin Walters asked Kareem Abdul-Jabbar his preference for two of the greatest point guards in NBA history, Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson. . However, instead of choosing between these two basketball icons, Abdul-Jabbar made an unexpected turn and chose Oscar Robertson as the greatest player of all time at his position.

The reasoning behind this surprising choice was based on Abdul-Jabbar’s experience playing alongside Oscar Robertson at the end of “The Big O’s” career. Abdul-Jabbar praised Robertson, highlighting his greatness and unique abilities on the court. One aspect that stands out is Robertson’s three-point range, which was a standout feature of his game despite being untapped in his era due to the lack of that type of shot.

“I only got a chance to play with him towards the end of his career, but he was incredible. If people see him playing in the best moments of his career and shooting threes, they’re going to be with me. Oscar had three-point range, but when three-pointers were included in the game, he never played,” Abdul-Jabbar explained.

A player far ahead of his time

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s testimony emphasized the importance of understanding how the game has evolved over the years and how talented players like Robertson would be better able to develop their skills if they were playing in today’s era.

While Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recognized the greatness of contemporary players such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and, of course, Magic Johnson, his final choice was Oscar Robertson. The surprising announcement sparked debate over who deserves the title of greatest point guard of all time and drew close attention from NBA fans and experts alike.

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