Karine Ferri and her big dumpling: in full live Instagram, the TF1 host reveals her huge salary!


This Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Karine Ferri inadvertently started a live on Instagram. In the middle of a conversation, the host then confided in an important contract …

Since 2012, Karine Ferri has been one of the leading presenters of the TF1 channel. Lately, the pretty brunette was illustrated by hiding under the costume of the spider in the show “Mask Singer”. A passage that made him want to start singing! In addition to her status as a star host, Karine Ferri is also a fulfilled wife, a fulfilled mother, and the face of the ready-to-wear brand “Les petits bombes”. A daily at a hundred miles an hour she leads between Paris and Brittany: Karine Ferri and her husband Yoann Gourcuff have indeed bought a house near the sea.
Karine Ferri gaffe on Instagram
Very active on Instagram, Karine Ferri unfortunately made a small mistake this Tuesday, January 5. In the afternoon, around 2 p.m., the host has indeed started a live Instagram. More than 1000 people were therefore listening but found themselves facing a black screen. Only Karine Ferri’s voice was audible and it was possible to hear her in the middle of a conversation. “She wants to take 15% on the stuff she brings back” launches Karine Ferri before adding: “15% on the 140 000 €” of contract! “ … Very quickly, her subscribers realized that Karine Ferri did have not done this on purpose to trigger this direct on Instagram. Some quickly tried to investigate this amount mentioned, which could constitute a possible salary ..