Karine Le Marchand at the heart of a controversy: Her program on obesity is already sparking a lot of ink!


While Karine Le Marchand’s docu-reality on obesity starts this January 11 on M6, criticism is already falling. However, the host was keen to defend herself!

Next Monday, January 11, M6 will broadcast from 9 pm the first issue of its docu-reality called “Operation renaissance”. At the presentation, we will find the indestructible Karine Le Marchand. With her production company Potiche Productions, she followed for three years ten people, nine women, and one man, suffering from morbid obesity and having decided to undergo surgery.

In this program, they will be surrounded by a team of surgeons, nutritionists, dieticians, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, and coaches. Image consultant Cristina Cordula and real estate agent Stéphane Plaza will also be present.

While the first act is expected, AFP tells us that 170 associations, caregivers, and individuals have signed a column of the anti-glossophobia collective, published on Médiapart, including the Gras Politique collective.

“Obese people are considered living dead until they lose weight,” she said, the originator of the #pasmarenaissance hashtag on Twitter. According to Gras Politique, the show contains “obvious ethical and financial conflicts of interest”, citing, in particular, the links between Karine Le Marchand, godmother of the French Bodylift Institute, and its founder, a surgeon on the show.

The presenter and producer are in the sights for having pulled a book from the show, 15 steps to learn to love yourself, without having “any specific skills in this area”.

“I have absolutely nothing to reproach myself with, there is no conflict of interest,” she responded to AFP.

She indicated that she is the godmother, without compensation, of an institute dependent on the Hôpital de Paris Saint-Joseph, approved for sector 1 without exceeding fees, whose operations are covered by the health insurance for the patients concerned. The host also said she was  not ashamed” of selling a “book that can be useful beyond weight loss.”