Karine Le Marchand bereaved and devastated by the brutal death of her “princess”


On Instagram, the host announced the death, this Saturday, January 2, of a member of her family …

On the first day of the year, Jean Imbert announced that he had lost his grandmother on Instagram. The next day, this Saturday, December 2, it’s Karine Le Marchand’s turn to share some bad news. Her dog is dead. “Our little Rose got knocked over last night. It was our little ray of sunshine. We are very sad. Here it is. This is life. Take care of yourself”, wrote the presenter of France to an Incredible Talent in the legend of a publication on which she wrote Rose accompanied by a heart within particular the date on which she died. Her little princess was going to celebrate her first birthday on January 10 …

Her pet used to follow her on the sets of the various shows she hosts, such as Love is in the Meadow on M6.

Operation renaissance: her new project!

On Monday, January 11, M6 will broadcast the first issue of its docu-reality called Operation Renaissance, hosted by Karine Le Marchand. For three years, the presenter followed ten people: nine women and a man, suffering from morbid obesity and having decided to undergo surgery.

The presenter will be surrounded by surgeons, nutritionists, dieticians, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, and coaches. She also collaborated with the service of Professor Nocca, founder of the League against obesity, at the Montpellier hospital. Cristina Cordula also participates in the program as her friend and roommate, Stéphane Plaza. “I thought it was not me who accompanies the acceptance of the patient’s body. Cristina, who is a friend, used very interesting supports to achieve this. We have never seen her like that. As for the choice. of Stéphane Plaza, she was a patient who wanted to retrain in real estate. I asked Stéphane to offer her an internship, quite simply … “Tele-Leisure.