Karine Le Marchand “saved” by a hypnotherapist: these addictions which she could not face alone …


Addictions that can lead to serious problems are not always the most obvious. If Karine Le Marchand was not a heavy smoker or addicted to alcohol, she still had to use great means to get by.

On January 11, Karine Le Marchand will be at the head of her own show, the one she has been working on for three years now, and which is now ready to face the public, Operation Renaissance. In this program, broadcast on M6, viewers will follow nine women and a man suffering from obesity and preparing to undergo a major operation. If the host decided to devote several episodes to this problem, which affects many people, despite accusations of glossophobia on the part of Internet users, it is because in her youth, Karine Le Marchand, too, had some issues with her weight.

For several years, the cupid of Love is in the meadow fought against her body. Not a fight against obesity, but its opposite, anorexia. It is with our colleagues from Télé 7 jours that the latter confided in this subject. Beginning by denouncing the problems of tolerance, “ We are in a society which rightly denounces the problems of homophobia, racism… But it does not care about these people who are insulted because they are obese. ”, Before specifying that it is time to“  change the outlook on obesity  ”. It is therefore precisely because of this problem that Karine Le Marchand decided to act on her own scale. And this idea of ​​show and support did not come by chance.

Besides her job as a facilitator, Karine Le Marchand has also experienced very difficult times with her body and mind, but managed to get by after being helped by a professional, “I had met Joëlle Cadoret, the show’s hypnotherapist, for my chocolate and Coca Zéro addictions ”, reveals Karine Le Marchand to our colleagues. “ After several sessions, it had worked well and we had sympathized”. Since as she confided, Stéphane Plaza’s sidekick also had a period of food addiction, “As a specialist in sugar addiction, she shared with me testimonials from patients whose life had changed. I thought that if I had to do something around this subject one day, I would call her back ”. Something promised, something due. Then, it was following her meeting with a surgeon using the term “rebirth” to express the after significant weight loss that the host of M6 finally decided to make a show and give him the name “Operation Renaissance”.