Karine Le Marchand’s big slippage after the death of her dog …


On January 2, Karine Le Marchand announced the death of her little dog Rose. An announcement that greatly moved Internet users … before causing a real controversy.

The year did not start in the most beautiful way for Karine Le Marchand since the day after the first day of the year 2021, the latter lost her little dog. Very popular with Internet users and television viewers, Rose was a bit of a star on television sets alongside her famous mistress.

Unfortunately, the subscribers of the host of Love is in the meadow will no longer be able to see her little dog. It is on her Instagram account that Karine Le Marchand announced the news. In a post on a black background, and in white writing, the host wrote “  Rose. January 10, 2020. January 01, 2021. Rest in peace my princess  ”accompanied by a red heart. In legend, Stéphane Plaza’s sidekick wished to leave a last message to her little Rose, ” Our little Rose was knocked down last night. It was our little ray of sunshine. We are very sad. Here it is. It ‘s. is life. Take care of yourself “ . A last sober tribute, which moved Internet users but also very quickly outraged them.

Yes, Rose had been a bit of a darling for the host’s fans for a year now, and according to them, the latter didn’t really respect her late dog when she wrote, ”  There you go. C’est la vie  ”in her tribute. Following this publication, many Internet users have therefore pointed out to Karine Le Marchand that it was unthinkable to write this kind of thing during the loss of her pet. After many criticisms in comments, the latter has therefore decided to prohibit comments under its publication, as well as to modify its caption, by withdrawing its little polemical sentence “C’est la vie.” ”