Karlie Kloss at the Taylor Swift concert: two friends again?

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are friends again? It’s a question that’s been around for a few days now, ever since the model was spotted on stage in Los Angeles.Era Tour by Swift. Former angel Mr. Victoria’s Secret added to the long list of celebrities who attended the showbut in his case it is a truly incredible event, because, as we know, they haven’t been seen together for a long time. The immediate participants never commented, but the general consensus is that they shared more than just obligations.

Let’s do a little review. Kloss and Swift met around 2012 when the translator Get rid of it, during an interview, she stated that she liked the model and that she would like to cook cookies with her. Kloss answered, and since then they have been dating, like any couple in the world. This was followed by respected posts on their respective social networks, crowning holidays and evenings in each other’s company. An indelible testament to their friendship, they were on the cover Fashion together and then parade Victoria’s Secret in which they walked hand in hand on the same runway.

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Suddenly, we do not know what happened, but these two disappeared from the radar.. According to the fans, who very skillfully read between the lines of Taylor’s song, her friend would betray her and behave badly (it is not known for what reason). Although the singer is always very proud of her group of friends, the model has not appeared again at various group events organized by Swift. Now this concert proves that the friends somehow reconciled, or at least are in a peaceful relationship. so much that Kloss wanted to support her friend at such an important moment. Who knows, maybe Taylor’s next Instagram post will be in the company of her friend, the proud aunt of her two children.

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