Karyme Lozano Is Impressed With Chayanne… And Not Just For Her Kiss

Karime Lozano.  (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

Karime Lozano. (Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

Author: Alejandro Feregino-. When Karyme Lozano was asked about her experience working with Chayanne, her face lit up and she couldn’t stop praising her. “Ugh! It’s the best!” he said in a recent interview on La Caminera de Exa.

In 1994, during the recording of “Volver a empezar”, Karyme shared the screen with the translator “I would give up everything”. The Puerto Rican is already a star, while Carime is a promising young actress making her debut with her first soap opera. For her, it was a dream debut.

“Volver a empezar” aired at the Canal de las Estrellas between 1994 and 1995. Chayanne and Yuri are the protagonists, while Karyme is one of the villains, engaged to Chayanne’s character, but with not-so-good intentions.

Other actors such as Rafael Sanchez Navarro, Pilar Montenegro and Mauricio Islas also participated in the novel.

“I’ve had many, many scenes with him, he’s my boyfriend, it’s my first novel. I got cast, I stayed to play Chayani’s girlfriend, she’s a villain. She’s the whole Mexico The object of envy,” she said excitedly.

She was very young then, and it was a pleasure to work with the singer. Besides its appeal, the first thing that caught his attention was its simplicity.

“Besides being handsome, he’s super humble, super nice, super gentlemanly with everyone. In other words, love. And handsome, if he’s handsome on screen that’s no no no! I’m Say, what?” Can I tell you?

But Karime is one of the few Mexican actresses who can validate another great Puerto Rican virtue: he’s a great kisser.

During his career, Chayani appeared in more than a dozen soap operas, although only two of them were in Mexico: “Volver a empezar” as the lead and “Poor Youth” as part of the cast.

“In that novel, I kissed three people — he recalls with a smile —: Chayani, Mauricio Islas (…) and Rafael Sanchez Navarro,” he recalled.

When asked who kissed better, she said without thinking: “Obviously Chayanne! Sorry Mau, sorry Rafa,” she laughed.

But otherwise, Karyme sticks to the singer’s charm and simplicity.

“You know what’s unbelievable? When you admire someone and meet them in person, they’re simple… because they haven’t had something like this happen: you meet someone you admire , they were super bloody, they fell off the altar? It wasn’t Chayanne, it was him, it was the other way around.”

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