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Kate Middleton he pretended nothing happened when Daniel Craig at Wimbledon he did not rise to greet her, but remained comfortably in his place while the Princess of Wales exchanged a few words with him. Unforgivable mistake even for James Bond himself. Good manners apply to everyone. This is another reason why you should be extremely careful when communicating with the future queen. But, on the other hand, this is not the first time the actor allows himself too much freedom with William’s wife.

Kate Middleton, James Bond rudeness

Soon the unfortunate episode is told. During the Wimbledon final, Kate Middleton stopped to have a few words with Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz, who were also in the Royal Box, but neither rose to greet her. The Princess of Wales was not upset and treated them very cordially. But the rather rude attitude did not go unnoticed.

Indeed, Richard Eden, journalist daily mailhe noted on his Instagram profile: “Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz they had to get up when Kate approached them in the royal box on Sunday out of respect, if not out of plain good manners.” And he posted a photo of Lady Middleton talking to Craig and his wife as they remain seated and unflappable. Indeed, James Bond doesn’t even take off his sunglasses. And to top it all off shake hands with the princess you are too accustomed to close it to others.

“This photo makes me uncomfortable. Although Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig didn’t have room for bow, shouldn’t they have at least stood up to greet the Princess of Wales?” And then he cited the example of actor James Norton, who, on the same occasion, got up to greet Kate. However, not everyone was outraged by 007’s stance. In fact, someone noticed that shortly before this, even William, the future king of England, stopped to talk to Craig, who this time did not get up from his chair, even when the Prince introduced to his son George, who seemed a little annoyed or maybe just a little scared.

Kate Middleton saves the day

The fact is that Daniel Craig, who also had the opportunity to communicate with Queen Elizabeth, has always had a trusting relationship with the Princes of Wales. It does not seem not scared at all or especially reverent towards them, despite the fact that they will one day take the throne. So, at the London premiere No time to die he even let loose, praising Kate for her gorgeous gold evening gown.

For their part, both William and Lady Middleton are not particularly sensitive to these matters of etiquette, or at least do not show it. They are more likely to have learned a lesson from Elizabeth than she herself. save the day when the rules of conduct and protocol were violated without making his interlocutors feel inadequate.

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