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Kate Middleton showed what it is and what it does, but the shadow Rose HanburyWilliam’s alleged mistress continues to stalk her, and threats to her marriage appear on Twitter (ironic, but not overly veiled).

Kate Middleton flexes her muscles

Kate Middleton she proved worthy of the title of Princess of Wales, inherited directly from Diana. At Royal Ascot, she left everyone breathless in a red Alexander McQueen dress, but she was able to take a step back against Carlo without making the mistake of overshadowing him again. She then literally took to the tennis court to face champion Roger Federer.

Kate seemed to everyone a real professional, including thanks to her perfect tennis appearance. princess she showed her legs with a white Babolat mini paired with the Wimbledon jersey she showed off his muscular arms and white Adidas sneakers for Stella McCartney. Very designer in clothes, Lady Middleton chose a few twisted hoop earrings, from Huggie, which cost 18 pounds (about 21 euros). On the net you can find earrings similar to those of Kate, but even cheaper.

Well, Kate is tensing her muscles, but that’s not enough. protect him from “threats” which are taken directly from the Twitter profile associated with Rose Hanbury, a woman who in recent months has no longer let the princess sleep peacefully, a woman who is quickly becoming glory of the new Camilla. But let’s go in order.

Kate Middleton, alleged threats to Rose Hanbury

The Twitter profile in question, titled “Rose Hanbury”, is clearly ironic and designed to ridicule the Princes of Wales and the media that speculate on alleged treason at court. But they joke, they joke … they tell the truth, says the proverb. And when satire begins, there is usually always some truth in it.

Rumors of William’s alleged infidelity with a beautiful neighbor in Norfolk, Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, began many years ago when Kate suddenly slammed the door in her friend’s face and did not want to see her again. At that time a messenger from daily mail he tried to understand, by making field investigations, whether there really was a flirtation between the prince and the marchioness. But everything was hushed up.

Then rumors of infidelity suddenly resumed, especially after Charles made Rose’s husband his private secretary, bringing Cholmondeley to Buckingham Palace. At this point, rumors spread that William had a daughter by Hanbury. Naturally, the Palace does not comment, and Will and Kate appear happy and smiling in public, even if there was a hint of unhappiness in Lady Middleton. The example above is the official photo taken at the wedding of Rajwa and Hussein from Jordan.

Rose Hanbury, the new Camille

The Twitter profile then actually opened in August 2022, so before the cheating rumors were back in circulation. There are interesting revelations in the tweets he posts. It is on the occasion of the match between Kate and Federer that the pseudo-Rose Hanbury threatens the princess that she will be the one to beat William, despite showing off her muscles. And we read in the comments that “Kate is terribly unhappy”.

Not only that, it is hinted that Hanbury could become the new Camille. And we know that the triangle ended then: Charles and Diana divorced, then she died, and he married his mistress, who now sits next to him on the throne. And so we always read another not-so-veiled threat against Katya in the social network profile: “He got the title as well as bad luck“.

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