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Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez are ambassadors for the same brand but … they posed separately

Kate Moss and J.Lo are celebrities and style icons. (Video: @katemossagency, photos @coach).

Known around the world and with a long history of more than 30 years of work and contribution to the world of fashion and trends, Kate moss continues to be a great figure and a source of inspiration for all fans of the world fashion. Represented by her own modeling agency, Kate moss agency, the British supermodel posed with the professionalism that characterizes her, for one of the most important brands in New York.

For the production of photos of the new campaign “Go rogue”Of the firm, which was held in one of the 10 arches of triumph around the world, Kate posed wrapped in a luxurious wardrobe composed of an overlay of floral dresses in red and white, a mega brown leather cap with leather details on the collar, sleeves and inside. In his hands he held a mini bag square leather, in black and beige. With hair blowing in the wind and a captivating gaze, he challenged the cameras from a tour bus.

It’s the face of a major New York brand. (Photo: @katemossagency).

The publication reached, in just a matter of hours, almost 10,000 “likes” by its fans and admirers. In addition, he received about 80 comments with words of affection and emojis of hearts, love faces, and little lights. “She’s a visionary”, “I love everything she’s wearing”, “Reina”, “I wish I could work with Kate Moss’s agency”, “I was always your biggest fan and still am. I will always see you as the best model that could exist and the most beautiful woman of all ”,“ A muse ”,“ You are an icon ”,“ A star ”; were some of the many comments that they dedicated to him.

It is the face of the brand. (Photo: @katemossagency).

Another celebrity who has already signed a contract with this New York brand with which he has been working for several seasons is Jennifer Lopez. The singer smiled for the cameras wearing a very cool and modern high winter outfit, made up of some wool trousers in chocolate color, a sweater open wool in earth tones, a mini bag leather in dyes beige, and a piluso in the same color range, matching. The accessories? Large silver circular dangling hoops.

He posed for the same brand as Kate Moss. (Photo: @coach).

In the last photos she took for Coach she decided to show her legs sitting on a ladder. She wore a white coat under which she wears a patterned light blue dress. As a complement, he wore a rigid mini wallet and high beige suede mules.

The new Coach campaign. (Photo: @jlo)

Will there be more celebrities posing for the brand?

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