Kate Upton and Justin Verlander, the romance of the World Series


Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are considered as one of the couples more strong within the sports industry, it is for this reason that, for many, are seen as the best pair of the World Series.

Justin met Kate seven years ago, during the filming of a commercial for the video game “Major League Baseball 2012”was there when the pitcher of the Astros, taught him a few tricks about the video game, and the model fell surrendered to his feet.

It is worth mentioning that, the couple had a small break in 2013, however, for the 2014 were already together again, and this time it would be foreversince the couple married on November 04, 2017.

It is estimated that the engagement ring that Justin gave to Kate and is valued at nearly two million dollarswhich , is awesome.

After eight months of marriage, the couple announced the arrival of their first babythrough an image shared by Kate in your account of Instagram, adding, a new member to the family.

We leave you here some of the most emotional moments between Kate and Justin

The unconditional support of Kate to Justin during the World Series

Without a doubt, Kate has been an unconditional support for the player of the Starsbecause they are always present in the games to support your partner, and to acknowledge their victories; according to the model, she is his number one fan.

There is No doubt that Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are the couple of the World Seriesand it is expected that this afternoon, the model is supporting your partner during game 6 of the World Series, Astros vs. Nationals.