Kate Upton poses without retouching or photoshop to the nine months of giving birth – ContraRéplica


The model Kate Upton has starred in up to three times the cover of the prestigious number of swimsuits of Sports Illustrated, but her latest collaboration with Health magazine save a meaning even more special for her to give back to the pages of an editorial of fitness less than a year after becoming a mother and knowing that his appearance will not be changed ex-post to blow of photoshop.

“When you think about it, today we live surrounded by images that have been digitally altered, and we don’t even realize. People organizes posed for Instagram and rework even those photos; it has become the norm. And we believe that this is the normal appearance of any person, and that we should also have a body as well”, lamented in the conversation that accompanies your photo.

“For me, put me in front of the camera with the certainty that you do not alter any of the snapshots that we strike has been a step in the right direction, to accept the reality. The objective that we should look to is to be the best possible version of ourselves, not try to resemble another person.”

In your case, the dummy acknowledge that you have worked hard to accept their new reality after the pregnancy, although it has not been overwhelmed by trying to recover its former figure in record time. Instead, she has chosen to come up with a plan of exercises with her personal trainer Ben Bruno which consists of half hour sessions that can be done at any place.

“The most difficult thing for me has been moving from one extreme to the other: be very in shape and feel strong not to power nor to make a bending. It has been over eight months since I gave birth and I’m still without be the of before,” he acknowledged.

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