Kate Upton receives criticism for a comment of the World Series


The model Kate Upton, wife of pitcher of the Houston Astros, Justin Verlander; he received strong criticism after a tweet he wrote while he supported the Astros in game 6 of the world series.

In that tweet, the model is complaint due to ‘interference’ made by a player of Nationals; and it was only a matter of minutes to begin to lloverle critical.

Most of the comments towards Kate, and said that better continue by sticking to the modeling and stop giving opinions on sports.

The response from Kate to criticism

Before the heavy comments, the model called misogynists to all those who criticized herthrough a strong tweet:

I LOVE to talk about sports and read all your stupid comments misogynists. It reminds Me of the women who have to fight for equality. It is 2019, but it feels like 1950. #Feminism”; said Upton.

There is No doubt that the model knew how to respond to criticism and not stayed quiet in the comments misogynists. Girl Power!