Kate Upton, the latest model in rejecting Victoria’s Secret


Are at bad times for Victoria’s Secret: the empire of lingerie has been losing popularity in recent years for its reluctance to embrace the power of inclusiveness that has begun to revolutionize the world of fashion and, in consequence, many of their former stars have gone delinking of the legendary parade -whose future is in the air – and your advertising campaigns.

Give back

Karlie Kloss it was one of the first to do so back in 2015 after reaching the conclusion that his master’s degree in feminist studies, was incompatible with his role as angel: in your case, the vision that she wanted to convey about what it means to the beauty was incompatible with that of the company, which has just hired its first model transgender this year, after a few controversial statements months before their chief of marketing Ed Razek -detached as company – in which he claimed that in Victoria’s Secret there was no room for models of large sizes, or transgender because they would give him “the fantasy” that they were trying to recreate.

Kate Uptonone of the great stars of the edition of the swimsuit magazine Sports Illustrated and one of the few models with curves who have worked for the company, you will not need to set foot in the university to realize that the message she wants to convey is inconsistent with the anachronistic representation of the female body that perpetuate from the brand.

“The truth is that everyone is tired of seeing time and time again the same type of body. It is now necessary that a company include all kinds of physical in his repertoire. It is necessary that all women feel represented, because, but just proving soporific,” he acknowledged Kate to your step for the program Watch What Happens Live.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images