Kate Winslet’s Daughter Who Managed to “Go Unnoticed”

Kate Winslet.

Mia Threapleton achieved what seems impossible today: start a promising career without knowing that she is the daughter of a renowned performer

The name  Kate Winslet is extremely well known in Hollywood and cannot be discussed without immediately thinking of  Titanic. The Oscar winner has become one of the most famous actresses, however, this did not stop her daughter  Mia Threapleton from escaping from the radar and making her own career without being related to her mother.

At the age of 20, the young daughter of the 45-year-old actress and 48-year-old director Jim Threapleton has managed to build her portfolio within the cinema without being related to Kate. Winslet herself recently assured this in an interview she gave. “It has been wonderful and we knew that the moment would come”, said the also winner of the Golden Globe, “a few years ago she told me that she wanted to try her luck in the middle. What’s been great for her is that her paternal last name has helped her get started under the radar. ”

Winslet assured that there have been people who hired her without even knowing that it was her daughter, the actress recalled in her interview that this was her greatest fear because it is something important for her self-esteem.

Who is Kate Winslet’s daughter?

Just as she decided to get away from her mother’s shadow, Mia also wanted to go unnoticed on social networks and is currently not active on the Internet. Despite his short career, he has managed to join projects alongside big stars. In 2014 he was part of the cast of the film  A little Chaos directed by Alan Rickman.

Now, Mia has landed her own lead in  Shadows, a horror film directed by Italian Carlo Lavagna that takes place in a hotel in Ireland.

The daughter of the famous actress had to go through the casting process and compete without benefiting from her mother’s surname. In an interview she gave to  Variety at the end of last year, Mia acknowledged that this was the first project in which she has passed a test, and it was not easy to read the script due to her being dyslexic. 

This is how Mia has slowly pursued an early career in acting. Now that the truth is known, probably many directors will turn to see more of the work of the actress.


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