Katy Perry denies that Jennifer Aniston will be godmother to her daughter


Although many people were very excited when many news outlets announced that Jennifer Aniston would be the godmother of Katy Perry’s first child, it was all just a rumor.

Katy was recently involved in another rumor that pointed out that she would be a distant cousin to Taylor Swift, but she took both situations into the sport.

Without revealing who will actually be the girl’s godmother, Daisies’ voice just joked:

Katy is getting closer and closer to giving birth and that has caused her to change some plans in her life, including her marriage to Orlando Bloom.

Previously, the ceremony that would take place in Japan had been postponed due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. Now, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcelebrating this year is totally discarded.

It was revealed that the baby will be named after Ann Pearl, in honor of the artist’s grandmother.


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